Oman Air brings VIPs to Sultanate for open Minds Event

August 31, 2014 2:45 pm

Oman Air will be giving some of the world’s most recognised leaders on thought an introduction to the Sultanate’s renowned hospitality, as the airline’s award winning aircrafts convey them to Oman to participate in the forthcoming Open Minds event.

This Thought Leadership Forum brings together 10 of the world’s most respected thinkers with the aim of inspiring, educating and motivating young Omanis.

Globally renowned personalities, such as entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson and Sahar Hashemi, author Lord Jeffrey Archer and business pioneer Candace Johnson will be taking part in Open Minds on September 3rd and 4th, at the Oman Auditorium, Al Bustan Palace, in Muscat.
As the airline sponsor of the event, Oman Air will be flying participants to the Sultanate from around the world, ensuring that a warm Omani welcome is provided as soon as they step aboard their aircraft.

Oman Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gregorowitsch, commented, “Oman Air is proud to be sponsoring this very important event, and to be playing a part in supporting young Omanis to fulfil their potential and make a vital contribution to the nation’s continuing development and economic prosperity.

Not only are we able to provide a perfect introduction to Oman for some of the world’s most inspirational thinkers, we are also able to build on the invaluable work undertaken by Oman Air in recent years to provide increased educational, and career opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow.

As the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, we take very seriously our responsibility for investing in the future not only of the airline, but also of the nation as a whole.

So it is with pride that we look forward to welcoming not only the ten very important guests who will provide the focus of Open Minds, but also the many young Omanis who will listen to, learn from and act upon the invaluable insights that they will receive.

It is, therefore, an honour to be supporting Open Minds and we look forward to seeing the impact of the event over the months and years to come.”

The format of Open Minds takes its inspiration from the traditional Majlis, one of the cornerstones of Arab civilisation, which provides a place for social gathering and knowledge transfer. Open Minds has taken that domestic concept and transferred it to a global platform which enables the passing on of values that are perceived as crucial for success, and opens minds, doors and attitudes.

In addition to Sir Richard Branson, Sahar Hashemi, Lord Archer and Candace Johnson, exponents on thought taking part in Open Minds include US mountaineer Tom Whittaker, entrepreneur and humanitarian Her Royal Highness Basmah bint Al Saud, Australian speed painter Brad Blaze, and Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler. In addition, esteemed Omani scholar Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry will offer delegates insights based on his extensive knowledge and experience of multicultural management and organisational behaviour.

Oman Air’s General Manager Marketing, Mohammed Al Shikely, added, “This is a vitally important event, and one which will undoubtedly make an important contribution towards inspiring the future pillars of the Sultanate of Oman.

Our support for Open Minds builds on Oman Air’s track record of planning and delivering conferences and workshops for the corporate community, sponsoring high achievers, and providing employment and career development opportunities for the nation’s youth.

Furthermore, the involvement of ten global icons from the worlds of business, sports, literature, the arts and academia will give this event a worldwide profile. This will raise awareness of Oman not just as an outstanding holiday destination, but also as a centre of excellence and innovation. This image also reflects Oman Air’s international reputation and, as we begin our next phase of rapid and ambitious expansion – which will introduce Oman Air and the Sultanate itself to millions more people around the world – the timing of Open Minds could not have been better.”