Review: Emirates Airbus A380

August 12, 2008 2:24 pm

Emirates A380, First Class

First Class passengers on the new model have the luxury of being allocated their very own ‘suite’ for the duration of the flight.

The added cost brings added flexibility and ease of travel. Meals and snacks are served from a special menu on demand.

Passengers can choose to dine either in their suite, or at the bar – a free-standing drinks area in the upper lounge of the plane, allowing passengers to stretch their legs and socialise on the flight. A boon to those more used to staying put throughout long-haul flights.

The First Class cabin has 14 suites spread out across two aisles in a 1-2-1 layout. The space between the two middle suites can be opened out to allow passengers travelling together to see each other.

Each suite also comes complete with its own mini-bar.

One of the major innovations in the new A380 is the addition of shower facilities. The cabin comes with two shower spas, more reminiscent of a luxury hotel than an airplane, allowing passengers to wash and freshen up properly before landing.

Another noticeable difference is the quietness of the flight, especially on the upper deck. The A380 is agreed to be one of the quietest models in operation.

Emirates A380, Business Class

Business Class is on the upper deck of the A380, accessible via a sweeping staircase at the rear of the plane.

The cabin has 76 flat-bed seats set in a 2-4-2 layout. The staggered ‘intelligent seating’ layout ensures that all passengers have easy aisle access.

The seats each come with a soft drinks minibar and a universal remote control, allowing passengers to recline their seats into fully flat beds, stretching to two-metres in length. There is also a seat-side table area, in addition to the meal tray.

The entertainment is provided by the carrier’s third generation ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment) system, which offers 1,100 channels of audio and video choices, as well as SMS and telephone capabilities. This can also be controlled via the universal remote. Passengers are provided with special noise-reducing headphones for the duration of the flight.
Business Class passengers also share access to the bar and lounge area, alongside First Class travellers.

Set at the rear of the upper deck, the lounge offers snacks and canapés and also has two sofas for a more relaxing trip.

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