Review: Oriental Hammam, One and Only Royal Mirage

January 2, 2008 2:52 pm

One of the highlights of this Moroccan experience is the Spa, and more precisely, the Oriental Hammam. Upon entering the spa, we were immediately welcomed and introduced to all the spa’s services and products. A mixture of facials, massages, hair care and hammams (Turkish bath).

The Hammam has always played a key role in Middle East cultures, popular in Turkey as well, the hammam has been always associated with social gatherings coupled with cleansing and relaxation.
We tried The Traditional Hammam experience, a 50 minute treatment.

As explained in the spa menu, this warm steam session consists of deep cleansing using the traditional black soap, the vigorous “Loofah” body scrubbing and a light massage and various stretching movements in the heart of the hammam. The hammam aims to rejuvenate the skin and invigorate tired muscles.

Before entering the Hammam, you are invited to wear your swimsuit and a wrap around the body and head, embasking you in the Moroccan theme. You are led by a masseur to the room with a heated marble slab in the middle, and on the sides of the room there are steam rooms and washing areas.

Steam room

You are directed to sit next to the washing room while he first pours waters all over your body. You are then requested to enter a steam room for five minutes and midway through the masseur enters with a bottle of water as you need to stay hydrated.

You return to the washing area where the masseur applies soap foam all across your body, from head to feet. This first step of cleaning is followed by another five minutes in the steam room where the soap starts to melt away before the masseur rinses the soap away.

The masseur then directs you to rest over the marble slab for a forceful exfoliation with the tough loofah, starting with the back and moving on to the face, upper body, stomach, hips, legs and feet – shedding off a whole layer of skin.

This is the climax of the treatment as the masseur practically erases a layer of skin which to the visible eye seems clean but through this exfoliation, a whole new layer of skin appears. Upon completion, a light stretching massage ends the treatment before a final rinse. You instantly feel cleaned like never before as your skin becomes as smooth as possible.

After finishing, you are welcomed to a resting area and offered a complimentary chilled fruit juice and tasty dates. The treatment is for both sexes and, in respect of local traditions, men and women receive separate treatments. The above treatment at the One and Only Royal Mirage took around 50 minutes and is recommended to all.