SODIC supports Egyptian tourism initiative ‘Helwa Ya Baladi’ in collaboration with Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority

April 5, 2014 2:50 pm

SODIC recently announced its latest initiative to support the Egyptian economy, this time focusing on domestic tourism by sponsoring the “Helwa Ya Baladi” initiative to promote domestic tourism in collaboration with the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority headed by Ambassador Nasser Hamdi.

Given the tourism sector’s direct impact on the overall development of the state economy, SODIC believes that promoting tourism, especially domestic tourism, requires the support of all Egyptians.

The Helwa Ya Baladi initiative was launched in February with the objective of encouraging and developing domestic tourism among Egyptian citizens. The project has undertaken a comprehensive marketing campaign to raise awareness of the Egyptian touristic destinations and attractions and has been working to provide attractive travel packages and promotional offers for all target segments.

The initiative will conclude on April 26 with a festival and exhibition at the Fish Garden in Zamalek attended by companies, institutions and sponsors.

As an Egyptian real estate developer, SODIC is committed to fulfilling its responsibility toward the Egyptian community by supporting activities that contribute to Egypt’s economic development.

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