Survey finds: “Work from home should be the norm”

August 17, 2018 8:18 am

Ever since we were little, we always thought of working from home, and then when we got older we got bombarded from fake ads that screamed: “Work from home and get $50,000 per day.”

Yet, today in the fast-moving digital era, working from home is not such a distant dream as it were back then.

AMEinfo asked its readers about things like traffic and how their work schedule suffered because of it.

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Most (83%) of the answers said that “rush hour” was the cause of all their troubles (getting to work 1 hour late, approximately 50% of responses).

Furthermore, among those that answered “rush hour” said that in order to fix this, they would rather work from home or have a more flexible work schedule.

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It was also revealed that people generally live far from where they work: Approximately 30% live over 5 km away from the office, 14% live more than 10 km, 13% live more than 20 km away, and a staggering 40% live 30 or more km away from their jobs.

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However, the average answer for how much time does it generally take someone to get to work was 1 to 2 hours.

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Edmon Abdul Nur
By Edmon Abdul Nur
Technology Editor
Edmon Abdul Nur has more than 3 years of professional experience in technology research, cybersecurity testing, and IT understanding.