Swissôtel Makkah celebrates 2nd anniversary of Vitality program

April 9, 2014 4:24 pm

Swissotel Makkah has recently celebrated the second anniversary of Vitality, a program particularly addressing the hospitality sector. The acclaimed program gives a comprehensive approach to ensuring a healthier lifestyle for both guests and coworkers alike at the hotel.

The Vitality program was launched during March last year as one of the Swissotel Hotels & Resorts initiatives that not only meets, but supersedes customer expectations and maintains the hotel’s sustainability and responsibility towards community.

Comprising of three parts, the Vitality program was designed specifically to meet the needs and desires of Swissotel guests around the world as well as ensure their mental and physical comfort during their stay. The first part of which, Vitality in Movement, lets guests customize their hotel room by requesting gym equipment accompanied by personal supervision. The second part is Vitality in Cuisine which offers a variety of healthy options and includes several low-fat and organic products offered at restaurants with room service available upon request. The final part, known as Vitality in Meeting, has changed the way guests visualize their business trips by offering stress-free atmospheres that add the necessary ease to their stay.

Mohammed Al Siddiqi, the General Manager at Swissôtel Makkah, commented on the occasion saying, “We are proud to commemorate the second anniversary of the Vitality program, This program is an integral part of Swissôtel’s corporate brand known as ‘Quality of Life’ which rests on three core concepts: a genuine style, a sustainable mind and a vital spirit. By giving notable attention towards our guests, we continue to radiate corporate sustainability as well as show our overall goodwill towards the community. Hence, it is important that we celebrate the Vitality program’s anniversary this year and every other year.”

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