Poll: Collaborative work environments constitute the “dream office”

October 10, 2018 12:39 pm

Dubai headquartered WorkSpace Commerce (WSC), a property investment firm focused on providing coworking and co-living spaces worldwide, revealed its latest market research results outlining the top factors that entrepreneurs desire and despise when working in coworking office spaces. The survey titled ‘Dream Office’, was conducted by UK-based market research firm, OnePoll, which surveyed over 3,000 working professionals in Britain from various sectors and age groups. WSC identified these learnings to be implemented further into the growing coworking market, within the UAE and wider GCC.

The results showed that entrepreneurs ranked a ‘collaborative environment’ as their top desired quality when working in an office, followed by the availability of good office amenities such as fridges and coffee machines (37%), bean bags and desks (66%), and convenient parking spaces  (47%). Relatively, a UAE-based study revealed common ground in terms of having sociable environments, comfort, and interactive offices as top factors, influencing employee productivity.

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According to a recent article by Entrepreneur Middle East, research conducted by a firm showed that employees performed better when they were more sociable – spiking up their productivity levels by 10 percent. These conclusions reinforce the notion that coworking environments and shared economy business models are climbing in trend, particularly across entrepreneur-driven business hubs such as Dubai, London and Shanghai.

An overall average of 37 percent showed that working with like-minded individuals boosted their creativity (48%) and productivity (25%) levels, through offering more fluid ideas from different industry professionals and collaborations on different projects. Flexibility and autonomy were also ranked as key secondary influencers, which impacted employees’ overall performance. These responses were supported by the premise that working with similar-minded individuals reinforced employees’ work ethic, motivation, and even increased their revenues as a result of collaborations.

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Panny Lawrence, founder and CEO of WorkSpace Commerce, comments: “These results will enable us to achieve a clearer picture about the top motivators and demotivators for entrepreneurs working in shared office environments, as we aim to demonstrate to the younger adopting markets — the UAE and wider GCC — about the immense benefits that coworking offices bring to the table. Social aspects are at the core, and WSC looks to explore this further by experimenting with different avenues to incorporate more social environments within the coworking sector.”

Almost 38% of surveyed entrepreneurs agreed that a lack of colleague interaction affected their mental health (14%), quality of work (14%) and ability to discuss business ideas (10%). Relatively, many respondents stated how they valued having colleagues around them to feel as ‘part of a team’, build social relationships, and brainstorm more ideas within the wider spectrum of the office.

The WSC team has a combined 50 years plus of experience in coworking, property, shared office management, and a track record in building successful startups. With its own in-house design and construction team, project managers and a global sales network, WSC is on track to expand to 30 new buildings around the world in the next five to seven years.

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