EXCLUSIVE: People are terrified of disconnecting from work

July 17, 2018 8:00 am

As you well know, summer vacations are used to take a break from work and relax.

Your mind, depending on where you go, should be geared to listening to whales while scuba diving, hanging out with friends, spending your hard-earned money, or finish reading that book you never got time to.

Recently, AMEinfo conducted a survey to see if people used summer breaks to do exactly that.

While many over-40 professionals take vacations that span a month or more, younger staff are not so lucky, as their holidays span just one to two weeks, on average.

However, upper management employees don’t follow this and continue their 9 to 5 jobs while on the beach.

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Who’s working?

Results show that 70% who said they disconnect from work are under 30.

They probably think that jobs are something you lose one day and find the next.

Perhaps, when they start a family, they will change their minds.

The entire target group surveyed were split on the issue of staying connected, with almost 50% saying they can and do disconnect from work. And the other half say they stay in tune with office updates on a daily basis.

Those who stay in touch think their career would be in jeopardy if they forgot about the office for a week or more.

Family people, most likely.

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While 95% of people surveyed agreed that if an emergency back at the office were to arise they would remotely attempt to subdue any fire at the office.

We wonder if they would purchase a ticket back home if the emergency is not resolved.

Another interesting finding was that people aged over 30 years were more inclined to check emails on a daily basis (30%), while people aged above 40 checked their work emails several times a day (26%). A total of 65% would check emails while remaining disconnected from work.

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A total of 44% of those care-free individuals under 30 either never or almost never check their emails.

We’re jealous of those and everyone who deserves to take time off should be as well, even if it means losing your job. In fact, most people surveyed (87%) say it was imperative to disconnect from work, but only 70% actually would when on holiday.


Edmon Abdul Nur
By Edmon Abdul Nur
Technology Editor
Edmon Abdul Nur has more than 3 years of professional experience in technology research, cybersecurity testing, and IT understanding.