ADNOC Distribution to drive public awareness on range of suitable fuel types

August 18, 2015 12:23 pm

Abdulla Salem AL Dhaheri, CEO ADNOC Distribution

ADNOC Distribution is raising the public’s awareness of the range of comprehensive high quality fuel types available through its network of service stations by clearly highlighting each fuel’s Octane level.

This labelling is to assist customers in using the right type of fuel that is compatible with the requirements of their vehicle’s engine, ensuring maximum fuel and engine efficiency while contributing to more money in drivers’ pockets and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

At the moment many drivers use high level Octane fuel for their car type which costs them more than it should and contributes to higher emissions.

For example, at the current national average gasoline prices, the difference between E-Plus 91 and ADNOC Super 98 is 12.6 AED for an average 70 litre tank so there are many savings to be made for the UAE’s drivers.

Abdulla Salem Al Dhaheri, CEO of ADNOC Distribution, said: “Putting the wrong octane fuel in a vehicle does not cause immediate problems but it will cause long-term damage and lead to costly repairs.”

He added: “We advise all motorists to revert to the manufacturer manual for their cars to choose the right fuel type suitable for their car. Generally, the majority of car manufacturers recommend using 91 Octane and it is important to understand that when using higher octane level fuel than required for a lower performance engine, it does not, as is a common misconception, assist engine efficiency and cleanliness or enable more km to the litre.”

Al Dhaheri continued: “We appreciate that sport and luxury vehicles require high octane fuel throughout their life span while other cars have lower octane fuel requirements and that is why since 2006 ADNOC Distribution has offered its customers three categories of gasoline to meet the diverse need of UAE motorists.”

ADNOC Distribution provides a range of fuel types; Super (98), for low compression engines, Special (95) for medium compression engines and E-Plus (91) for high compression engines , which are labelled according to their octane level, in addition to eco-friendly products such as Diesel and NGV to ensure that customers have the petrol type they need for their vehicles.


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